Commonly asked questions


​Q: Why does it take so long for my order to get to me?

A:Because it takes THREE WEEKS for a bassoon reed to be finished​---the first week from the raw tube cane to the profiled and shaped cane, the second week from the profiled & shaped cane to form into a bassoon blank( a piece of profiled & shaped cane that is formed by a forming mandrel, with the wires in place, the thread is on the tube part of the reed but the blade NOT opened up) & the third week from the bassoon blank to the finished and immediately playable bassoon reed.

Q:Do you use French cane or California cane?

A:I use French cane and order  it in the tube form only.

Q:Do you accept rush orders?

A:I really don't, because the work is basically custom work for each person,but if you e mail me or call me with a problem or time situation at least i can try to figure out a reasonable solution with you.

Q:What kind of machinery do you use?

A:I use a RDG-Laker type gouging machine, a Pfeifer single profiler, and all the rest of the work is with files, time, and much, much patience.

Q:Why should I buy from you instead of the retail music store?

A:Because the majority of mass-produced bassoon reeds are manufactured within such a short amount of time that the cane undergoes a tremendous amount of change in too short an amount of time.Reeds that are hand made over such a long time( like mine) tend to have a stability that you will notice when you  play them.